The Center aims to do basic and general research on textbooks and other related materials, to offer the results of its research to membership publishers of textbooks, and to help any organizations or people who are now making or want to make surveys about textbooks. The Center also aims at contributing to the progress of school education and academic activity by improving and substantiating the quality of textbooks and other related materials while promoting research and study of the same.

In order to carry out the above purpose, we have the following projects

  1. Offering the results of basic and general research in Japan and foreign countries.
  2. Establishment and maintenance of our own library.
  3. Basic academic studies on the role of textbooks and their desirable form.
  4. Basic and general research on special words used in textbooks.
  5. Research and study on the forms of textbooks.
  6. Research and study on the relationship between teaching machines, methods, etc. and textbooks.
  7. Research and study on the writing, compiling and publishing of textbooks and other materials used in multi-track classes.
  8. Research on the copyright and rights of published of textbooks.
  9. To promote research and study of textbooks.
  10. To contribute to international understanding through textbooks.
  11. To sponsor study meetings and seminars for those who are working to edit, produce and supply textbooks.
  12. Other projects necessary to accomplish the purpose of this organization.